How to make a mountain.

CrystalSkies STAFF posted Dec 29, 15

Step 1 - //br sphere gravel 10  Make a shape that resembles a mountain, you want it to look steep.

Step 2 - //br smooth 20 Smooth the whole mountain, make sure it looks reasonably natural.

Step 3 - //br sphere gravel 7 Make a small platform to the side of the mountain that also goes partially up the side.

Step 4 - //br smooth 20 Smooth the whole thing again.

Step 5 - (with an arrow) /b e melt and then /b 10 Right click the bottom of the mountain to make it look smoother.

Step 6 - //br smooth 20 Smooth the whole thing again.

Step 7 - Select the whole thing and //replace gravel stone to make the gravel stone.

Step 8 - Using the same selection //naturalize to make the mountain have grass and dirt on the top few layers.

Step 9 - Now make it look more like the outside world //replace dirt,grass sand:1 which will make it look done.

Step 10 - Replace the stone with red sandstone now to finish //replace stone 179 and you're done!