Hello Crystals,

We're recently opened a whitelisted Pixelmon server as most of our staff were enjoying Pixelmon and we've named it Pixelmon Crystal!

What is Pixelmon?
Pixelmon is basically Pokémon brought to Minecraft!

How do I install Pixelmon?
We've made a forum post giving you a step by step guide of how to install it  - here.

How do I apply to be whitelisted?
There's currently a link on the top of the website that says "Pixelmon", this will take you to the application or you can click here.

Why make the server whitelist?
Pixelmon is a mod and due to this, we can't use the same plugins as we do for the survival server. We have to get special plugins that work with mods, this has caused a few issues which has lead to the decision of whitelisting the server. Also having a whitelist allows for a closer community as we get to know everyone on the server!

Who won the build competition?
The competition will be judged tomorrow (Saturday 7th October 2017) and may be live-streamed (keep an eye on Discord for information about if it will be). The results will be posted on the website and everyone will be given their rewards.

How was The Hunt?
This was The Hunt season 0, so as expected we encountered a few bugs and issues which will be fixed for next time. We've also got lots of feedback and we're ready to make improvements! Thank you all for participating and we hope you'll join us again for the next one.

When is the next Hunt?
We aim to do the next Hunt sometime over the Christmas holidays, more information about this will be posted closer to the time.

Thanks for reading!